Seven Discoteca - Prosa



Located within a mall, this nightclub invests in its interior design every two years, so as to stay up-to-date with those who enjoy the night. This time, the owners wanted to avoid all sensations of enclosure that could arise amongst the people as much as possible, despite it being a nightclub.

When it comes to establishments installed or sectorized outdoors, the city today has a vast offer of night entertainment, which is very well accepted by the public.

For the business owners, this context completely validates their analysis, and for us, it defined the need and basis for our proposal: a space that would allow people to feel as if they were “on vacation”; free, fresh and fun, almost like being at the beach.

We incorporated frosted glass windows, simulating false openings, and wooden finishing in order to provide warmth. We closed the idea with plants and tropical wallpapers, while the blue, green and mustard-tone furniture contributed to a fun interior atmosphere.


Year of project: 2018

Year of construction: 2018

Construction area: 990 m2

Construction Company: PRO SA

Collaborators: Architects Carlos Fretes and Giselle Montanholi

Location: Asuncion, Paraguay

Seven Discoteca - Prosa
Seven Discoteca - Prosa
Seven Discoteca - Prosa
Seven Discoteca - Prosa


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